TAP Studios

TAP Studios is a collective of talented photographers, videographers, artists, influencers, media technicians and marketers.

Event Services

No event is too large or too small to receive our professional services. From a simple cocktail press mixer to a multi day national convention with a thousand exhibitors, our services range from single photographer to an entire media team to fit every need.

Based on our skill sets, we offer a wide variety services to fit a wide range of budgets and we will give you a firm price quote upon review of your project. Please send RFP to: TAP Studios info@theartistsproject.com

Media Services – Events:

Video, BTS, B-Roll, Interviews, Mobile Studio
Stills, Red Carpet, Portraits, House, Backstage, Runway
Editing – Video
Editing – Stills
Social Media Activation
Live Content Links
Communication package (walkies)
Talent Spotters
Press Option: Getty Images
Photo Branding – Embedding of released content for SEO of Google and other major search engines
TAP Option – Activating TAP
A-Z Event Producing with Marque Media Group

Media Services – Studio/Commercial Photography

Still Photography

Creative campaign & brand development
Location services and permits
Talent Casting
Seamless E-commerce to commercial campaign photography
Post Production – Retouching and processing for various platforms
Social Media activation with influencers, image tracking and analytics
Press option for Getty Images
Embedding of released content for SEO of Google and other major search engines

Video Services

Social Media and Broadcast video production services
Post Production editing of video content