Become a Sponsor

The Artists Project holds regular press events and the unique nature of our program needs a first hand look to completely understand, so we are giving you a “Hall Pass”, a free visit and activation for your brand or business.

Be prepared to network with celebrities, influencers and new artists as they participate in paying it forward while receiving the help they need for their careers in show biz.

What will you see and experience? Attending entertainment artists and influencers preparing for photography and video, getting hair/makeup and styling. You’ll see a variety of photo shoots happening simultaneously in the studio, around the beauty lounge, in the fashion studio and outside for lifestyle images. You’ll see talent being interviewed by press outlets and by TAP for mentor videos and social media.


You’ll experience emerging talent being mentored then gifted Legacy Certificates from celebrities giving them free headshots for life.

Unlike a sponsorship that you would experience at red carpet event or a gifting suite, here at TAP you’ll be immersed into the activities of the day where brands participate in talent preparation and execution of the photography and videos that are used for their careers.

Images and video content will be provided to you showing your brand with the talent being applied, trying on, worn, consumed or however the product is used. Your products will be seen on major press sites in portraits, headshots and lifestyle images that are evergreen and not just relevant for one day.

Contact us directly and we’ll let you know the next press event that is a good fit for you brand.