sponsors 2016

Thank You Sponsors 2016

Thank you to our Sponsors 2016 for all the support they provide to The Starving Artists Project. Its hard to believe we have done so much, for so many people, in such a short amount of time.

With the aide of our sponsors we have to-date given over 850 creatives, artists, actors, models and comedians the crucial career advancing photography they need!  We keep this service on a pay-what-you-can basis because of the generosity of companies such as AEE, Ormana, Chiara Ferragni Shoes, and many others!

Our list of Sponsors 2016 includes:

AEE Drones [FB, IG, YouTube]
Ormana Skin Care [FB, IG]
Hint Water [FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube]
Chiara Ferragni Shoes [FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube]
D’Amore’s Famous Pizza [FB, IG, Twitter]
Kangen Water
GoGo squeeZ
Flips Audio

Please visit our Sponsors 2016 websites, pages, and profiles. They support us, let’s support them. Like, follow, re-post, whatever you gotta do lets get the word out about these great companies! With the continued support of our sponsors and companies like them we hope to provide photography for many, many more Starving Artists!

For information about sponsoring your own event with us please visit our Sponsors page.



-The Starving Artists Project Team